July 30, 2013

Live At The Lab: Eugene Kaspersky, Malware Experts Talk Threat Landscape

Live At The Lab: Eugene Kaspersky, Malware Experts Talk Threat Landscape

CRN, By Robert Westervelt

Kaspersky Lab held a media day this month at its new headquarters in Moscow. About 1,500 Kaspersky Lab employees moved to the new facility, located along the Moscow River, in March. At the event, Eugene Kaspersky and several of his top malware researchers talked about the constantly changing threat landscape impacting consumers and businesses. They said cybercriminals have developed complex business networks to carry out attacks. Kaspersky said his company is working with Interpol to help law enforcement crack down on financially motivated cybercriminals. Meanwhile, the company continues to detect targeted attacks as part of nation-state cyberespionage activity.

Here's a look behind the scenes of Kaspersky's new lab, giving insight into to what's coming up around the security bend.

The Kaspersky Lab war room consists of a bank of Dell computers used by reverse engineers and threat analysts that create malware signatures. The room is one of several spread out around the world. It consists of malware analysts who work alongside an automated system that can quickly create thousands of signatures for malware variants. When a suspicious file is flagged, the threat researchers pick it apart to learn about new techniques used by malware authors. The company detects more than 200,000 malicious programs every day. Read more.

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