November 17, 2013

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Digital Mom Blog, By Molly Thornberg

While online safety for my kids has always been a priority, I never felt like I needed to babysit everything they do on the computer, tablets, etc. That’s until as of late. The 10 and 8 year old have discovered the world of Google and to say the least, Google ain’t always pretty.

Gone are the days that I could simply ground them. My daughter uses a school issued Chrome book. Telling her no computer means no homework. *sigh* The joys of technology in the classroom. Now it’s just my job as her mom to make sure she understands the internet, how to act on it, what it can give you – both good and bad and how to be safe online.

Kaspersky recently sent over some information about kids online which is good information for anyone who has a child on the internet (which let’s face it, is most of us parents with kids over 3.) Read more.

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