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July 30, 2013

Kaspersky sees double-digit growth for sixth consecutive year

Kaspersky sees double-digit growth for sixth consecutive year

Boston Business Journal, By Patricia Resende

The sales team at Kaspersky Lab North America is celebrating its double-digit growth for the sixth straight year and says it is on track to exceed its 2013 sales goals.

The Woburn, Mass. company, which provides anti-virus software to protect consumers from malicious code and attacks and also works to protect organizations and government, said it is forecasting strong growth in its business-to-business focus in North America.

While it has large foothold in the consumer market with 30 percent of U.S. retail unit sales in the first quarter 2013 (according to NPD Group), Kaspersky is said it relatively new to the B2B marketplace.

“We’ve been pushing into this marketplace in the last five years, which is a short time frame in the endpoint security game,” Chris Doggett, senior vice president of corporate sales at Kaspersky, told Mass High Tech. Read more.

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