February 6, 2013

Kaspersky Makes Case for the Value of Antivirus Software

Kaspersky Makes Case for the Value of Antivirus Software

ITBusiness Edge, By: Mike Vizard

Antivirus (AV) software vendors are taking it on the chin these days. Not only are there more sophisticated attacks than ever, but the quality of free AV software is getting better with each passing day. As a result, many customers are trying to understand whether AV software is critically important enough to pay for, while at the same time wondering which AV vendor provides the best protection.

Chris Doggett, newly promoted senior vice president for North American sales for Kaspersky Lab, says customers have intellectual assets that, if lost or compromised, would materially damage the business. These customers need a vendor that stands behind that software over the long haul. It’s those customers, maintains Doggett, who appreciate the importance of an AV vendor that is not only investing in AV technology, but also has the skills and resources needed to identify new threats.


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