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August 19, 2013

Kaspersky Lab North America Exceeds First Half Forecasts

Kaspersky Lab North America Exceeds First Half Forecasts

Channel Marketer Reporter, By Alicia Fiorletta

Citing significant growth in sales and new landmarks in its channel ecosystem, Kaspersky Lab North America reported that it has exceeded initial goals for the first half of 2013 for B2B and B2C sides of the business.

At its 2013 partner conference, Kaspersky Lab NA set aggressive milestones for the channel, zeroing in on both sales and partner growth. At the end of H1, overall business growth for the B2B sector increased by 22%, with customer renewals increasing by 24%. In addition, sales among private sector accounts improved 34%, while mid-market sales (30%) and private sector enterprise sales (121%) also surged.

Improved market penetration and sales results can be attributed to an increase in the Kaspersky Lab NA partner community, according to company officials Due to enhancements to its partner program, the company has seen partner recruitment increases more than 300% over H1 2012. Moreover, deal registration has increased by 20%. Read more.

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