August 14, 2013

Kaspersky Lab Launches Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac – a Powerful Security Solution to Combat the Latest Mac Threats

Kaspersky Lab Launches Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac – a Powerful Security Solution to Combat the Latest Mac Threats

New Mac security product combines proven high-level protection technologies in an efficient, easy-to-use package

Woburn, MA –August 14, 2013 -Kaspersky Lab today announces the release of Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac, a reliable, user-friendly protection solution for Mac owners. By combining traditional antivirus technologies with advanced proactive and cloud-based protection methods, the new product provides premium, easily-managed security for Mac computers that won’t disrupt system performance.

The myths about the inherent safety of Mac OS X have been shattered by numerous cases of Mac-targeting malware in recent years, including widespread infections of the SabPub and Flashback Trojans on Macs worldwide. Just as the number of Mac owners grows year by year, so does cybercriminal interest in this operating system. According to Kaspersky Lab analysts, in 2012, the amount of malware for OS X increased by 30 percent from the previous year.

To meet the usability requirements of Mac users, Kaspersky Lab has created Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac. This new solution replaces the company’s existing product - Kaspersky Security for Mac - by adding security technologies found in Kaspersky Lab Internet Security for PCs. The new technologies in Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac offer Mac owners a host of security benefits, such as:

  • Real-time protection against all threats
  • Protection against phishing and malicious websites
  • Protection for your identity
  • Advanced Parental Controls
  • A more intuitive, Mac-style user interface

Advanced Technologies to Combat Advanced Threats
Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is up-to-date on the latest threats through its connection with the extensive malware database from Kaspersky Lab, which is updated regularly with the help of the Kaspersky Security Network cloud service. However, new threats emerge constantly – sometimes even quicker than antivirus database updates can be released. As a result, in addition to standard signature protection technologies, Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac integrates proactive behavioral technologies, which can detect previously unknown malicious programs.

Malware, like viruses and Trojans, are not the only types of cyberthreats encountered online. There are many types of threats that can attack all Internet users regardless of the operating system they use. For example, by using social engineering tricks, cybercriminals can lure any user into visiting a fake social networking site or online banking service in order to reveal their financial data and personal information. Once a user believes the website is legitimate and begins typing in their passwords, no operating system is able to protect them from identity theft.

The anti-phishing technologies now included in Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac identify malicious websites before the user can be harmed, by checking the website against an extensive, constantly updated database of dangerous phishing pages. It also checks pages for embedded malicious code. Cybercriminals will often use techniques to make their malicious websites show up in search results, but Mac users can now find out whether a link in search engine results is harmful even before clicking it. The Kaspersky URL Advisor is a reputation service that automatically checks every link on each page opened in a browser and flags each link with a color-coded special marker to warn the user if any of these links lead to suspicious or malicious sites.

Email messages continue to be a common source of cyberthreats, so Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac now uses the latest antivirus technologies to scan both the body text of the message and email attachments for malicious code.

Protecting the personal information entered by users on websites – including passwords, account numbers, addresses and more - is another vital part of combating cyberthreats. Kaspersky Virtual Keyboard, integrated into Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac, allows users to enter sensitive information using a mouse to click an on-screen virtual keyboard. This eliminates the possibility of data interception by keyloggers or malicious programs that can take screenshots.

Parental Control
The Parental Control technologyin Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac puts parents in charge of their children’s use of the internet.  Parents can set time limits on their children’s Internet usage, block access to inappropriate sites and prevent personal data – like phone numbers and home addresses – from being shared over the Internet. It also features enhanced capabilities for monitoring and managing children’s activities on social networks as well as obtaining reports on when a child used the Internet and what websites were viewed.

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