November 12, 2013

'Internet Passport' Will Benefit Security, and E-Commerce

'Internet Passport' Will Benefit Security, and E-Commerce

ZDNet, By Ryan Huang

A regulated passport to access certain parts of the Internet will take off "sooner or later", according to Kaspersky Lab chief executive officer and chairman Eugene Kaspersky.

It's an idea that Kaspersky's been harboring for a few years and has since attracted a fair bit of scepticism over, but he remains optimistic that the concept will help address current security concerns, facilitate e-commerce activities, and even promote voter turnout among digital natives by making it more convenient.

Kaspersky's CEO believes an Internet passport will benefit security, and e-commerce. "When I'm talking about Internet IDs, it's not like they are your passports to connect to the Internet. It's your passport to have access to critical resources," Kaspersky explained to ZDNet in an interview. The Russian was in town to speak at the Interpol event, 1st Eurasian Working Group on Cybercrime for Heads of Units. Read more.

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