July 3, 2012

Your Browser and OS Do Matter for Network Security

Your Browser and OS Do Matter for Network Security

By: Sue Marquette Poremba, IT Business Edge

I got to spend a number of days last week with some experts from Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky has been in the news a lot lately, at the forefront of a lot breaking news in IT security, like Flame. Eugene Kaspersky also made headlines with his comments about Apple and its approach to security.

While I was with them to learn more about Kaspersky’s release of its upcoming Internet Security 2013, which will offer some very innovative protections, I took note of two points that came up repeatedly by speakers during their presentations and in private conversations. One is that security education — as in getting people to understand the very basics of security — is lacking. The other, which I’m going to touch on today, is that the browser and OS you use do matter when it comes to making sure your network is secure.

I’ve heard mixed comments about browser security — beyond the people who still use outdated versions of IE, which everyone agrees is bad. Most say that the browser you use doesn’t matter, while others warn to stay away from IE in general.



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