March 1, 2012

Worm Attacks Coming For Google's Android - Kaspersky Lab

Worm Attacks Coming For Google's Android - Kaspersky Lab

By: Ken Rapoza, Forbes

One look at a chart showing the number of attacks on mobile devices last year and it is clear, the cyber criminals all have Android in their crosshairs.  This year, Kaspersky Lab’s mobile malware experts expect the first ever mass worm to be found attacking Android’s operating system (OS).  The heat is on.

Computer worms are malicious software applications designed to spread through computer networks. They work a lot like viruses and trojans. A person typically installs worms by inadvertently opening an email attachment or message that contains executable scripts. Most of those incidences will occur on an Android, mostly because it is an open system.  The iPhone OS, by comparison, is a closed operating system where only certain Apple approved products can be loaded onto the device.


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