March 23, 2012

New Version of Stuxnet-Related Cyber Weapon Discovered

New Version of Stuxnet-Related Cyber Weapon Discovered

By: Lee Ferran, ABC News

The mysterious authors behind the most sophisticated cyber weapon on the planet appear to be planning another strike and have updated their advanced spy program designed to search out weaknesses in target systems, according to an American cyber security firm.

Researchers at Symantec, the firm which helped the U.S. government analyze the infamous Stuxnet computer worm that allegedly attacked an Iranian nuclear facility for months before its discovery in 2010, said they have been sent a new version of the Duqu worm for analysis. Discovered last fall, Duqu is an espionage program designed to gather intelligence on industrial control systems, perhaps for use in a future Stuxnet-like attack, according to several international cyber security firms including Symantec.


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