June 27, 2012

Kaspersky To Add Exploit Prevention, SSL Certificate Validation

Kaspersky To Add Exploit Prevention, SSL Certificate Validation

By: Mike Lennon, SecurityWeek

Kaspersky Lab provided a sneak peek and demonstration of the 2013 edition of its Kaspersky Internet Security suite today at the Kaspersky Lab Security Summit 2012 taking place this week in Moscow—just miles away from the company’s headquarters.

In a hyper-competitive market, anti-virus vendors are constantly looking to innovate and design new features and bring performance enhancements in order to gain market share and fend off competition. While Kasperksy Lab has added several new features to its soon-to-be-released flagship Internet security software, two features standout that appear to be Industry firsts in the category.

By far the most important new feature, and one that Kaspersky hopes will help differentiate its newest offering from other competitive products on the market, is a new technology dubbed “Automatic Exploit Prevention.”

This added layer of security will help users defend against targeted attacks, and advanced attacks that may otherwise go undetected by a traditional antivirus scanning engines. The company says that the technology significantly reduces the chances of being infected via web-based malware via drive-by-downloads, or falling victim to a targeted attack.


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