February 28, 2012

Kaspersky Lab Announces its First Parental Control Apps for Android and Apple iOS Smartphones

Kaspersky Lab Announces its First Parental Control Apps for Android and Apple iOS Smartphones

Free version of Android smartphone security with on-demand scanning feature also available

Woburn, MA – February 28, 2012Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, today announced the beta-test phase of two new, free mobile applications that provide parental controls for Android and iOS-based smartphones.  This marks the first Kaspersky Lab application designed to work on Apple smartphones. 

Kaspersky Parental Control for Android
Kaspersky Parental Control
for Android creates tools within the Android operating system to block children from visiting unsuitable or potentially harmful websites.  Parents don’t have to block individual sites, they can select predetermined categories of websites to be restricted, such as pornographic websites, or websites related to drugs, violence, etc.  Also, Kaspersky Lab will automatically block access to websites that may infect visitors with malicious software, or sites that may trick visitors into disclosing personal information.  Kaspersky Parental Control also limits access to applications, and can either restrict the usage of apps installed on a device, or prevent new apps from being installed.  These parental controls can be turned on and off with a password, and can be used on both Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Kaspersky Parental Control for iOS
Kaspersky Parental Control
for iOS-based devices provides a web browser (SafeBrowser), which can block harmful and inappropriate web content.  After installing the product from the App Store, parents are guided through the setup process, which allows them to block objectionable websites and content, and restrict the usage of applications using the standard iOS feature set.  By limiting the apps that can be installed on a phone, parents don’t have to worry about their children using a web browser other than SafeBrowser, or being tricked into downloading a malicious application that claims to be harmless.  Kaspersky Parental Control for iOS provides the same level of online security as the solution for Android, filtering objectionable websites categories (i.e.: violent, pornographic, etc.) and blocking malicious websites using Kaspersky Lab’s cloud database.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite for Android
Kaspersky Lab is also providing an update of its free Android security solution, Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite.  The updated version, already available on Android Market, features Anti-Virus Lite, a user friendly tool that performs on-demand checks of newly downloaded Android programs.  This new function is aimed at better protecting users’ smartphones against the growing number of malicious programs for the Android platform.

Anti-Virus Lite uses the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network to react quickly against threats as they emerge.  Users of Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite are advised to scan all new programs using Anti-Virus Lite in order to ensure the safety of personal data.

Together with other key security features such as anti-theft, call filtering and SMS filtering, the update makes Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite one of the most advanced security products available free of charge.

Where to Find
Kaspersky Parental Control for Android is available for download in the Android Marketplace now.   Kaspersky Parental Control for iOS will be available for download in the Apple App Store in March 2012. Both products are in beta-test and are free of charge at this time.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite (free) is available for download exclusively in the Android Marketplace.  This application is only compatible with Android (1.6 – 2.3) smartphones. 

About Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Lab is the world's largest privately-held Internet Security company, providing comprehensive protection against all forms of IT threats such as viruses, spyware, hackers and spam. The company's products provide in-depth computer defense for more than 400 million systems around the globe, including home and mobile users, small and medium sized businesses and large enterprises. Kaspersky technology is also incorporated inside the products and services of nearly 100 of industry leading IT, networking, communications and applications solution vendors.  

For further information about the company, please visit http://www.kaspersky.com/.

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