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February 13, 2012

Kaspersky And Sophos Top Security Vendor Survey

Kaspersky And Sophos Top Security Vendor Survey

By: Liam Lahey, Network Computing

An annual InformationWeek reader survey measuring the quality of security software vendors has found Kaspersky Lab and Sophos at the top of the class. These two companies topped the list of nine antivirus/anti-malware vendors for overall performance, price, and other product-specific features such as virus and malware detection and removal. But it's worthwhile to note only six percentage points separate the top dogs from this list's last-place finisher, Trend Micro.

The survey also found the endpoint security market is still a viable one as it's "growing at a healthy clip".

"You'd have thought the market had saturated already," remarks Kurt Marko, technology columnist and author of the report. "The endpoint security market is actually growing at a fast rate. That could be because the overall threat environments are getting more sophisticated as are the security products themselves.


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