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May 8, 2012

Cyber Crooks' Latest Target: Frequent Flyer Miles

Cyber Crooks' Latest Target: Frequent Flyer Miles

By: Kate Merrill, CBS

Travelers should be wary with upcoming vacation plans about what experts say is the latest twist in identity theft scams - stealing your frequent flyer miles.

Membership numbers and passwords must be provided and a security question must be answered to access an account. Tim Armstrong, a computer security expert at Kaspersky Lab, told CBS Chicago that cyber crooks can obtain this information by emailing someone a trip confirmation or a special offer, and asking them to enter their frequent flyer information.

"A sense of urgency is important, and that'll make people log in to those sites and give up their details," Armstrong said. "They can use these schemes to collect people's miles, to buy tickets, and then resell those tickets to third parties. And they'll collect money that way."


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