October 19, 2012

ARC 2012: Client Security Software

ARC 2012: Client Security Software

By: Rob Wright, CRN

Security has become arguably the most important technology market for businesses today. The last few years have seen a rise in sophisticated malware, devastating data breaches and high-profile hacktivist attacks for companies of all shapes and sizes as well as government agencies. So it's no surprise that security software for client devices has become an incredibly competitive market these days.

But one vendor rose above the rest in this year's Annual Report Card awards in the Client Security Software category: Kaspersky Lab. The software maker, which has gained significant notoriety and market share in recent years, dethroned the 2011 ARC winner Sophos after finishing a close second last year. While Kaspersky split the product innovation subcategories with Sophos, it dominated the product and support criteria, sweeping all areas except one.


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