January 22, 2011

Total Computer Protection with Kaspersky PURE

Total Computer Protection with Kaspersky PURE

Rave and Review, By Leanne

I resolve to... protect my digital world

Until a few years ago, I naively thought that my PC would be entirely safe just because it had a security software icon in the applications menu.  Since most of our computers were secondhand, I had not spent much time protecting much of anything, including my daily use laptop.

Recently, though, that secondhand laptop started running about as fast as my newborn and I would spend ALL DAY LONG waiting for pages to load or even waiting for the text I typed to finally appear in my word document.  Since a lot of what I do involves a computer, I'm sure you can imagine how fun I was to be around when it took all day to send one email.

I sent the unit in to IT and we heard the dreaded news: it was a virus, the kind that is almost impossible to detect until it slows your productivity to zero.  Thankfully, the computer contents were somewhat recoverable (after we paid a whole bunch to the professionals to clean it off again) but I learned a valuable lesson - my "security" software hadn't been working at all and I had blindly been trusting it with all of my precious digital files.

pure So, when I just got my brand new shiny laptop, literally the first thing I did after taking the plastic off the screen was install Kaspersky PURE on the hard drive.  The best part is that Kaspersky PURE all-in-one security is sold with a 3 computer license, so I was able to secure my new device, my husband's laptop, and our desktop dinosaur at the same time, all with the same software.  Even better is that you can actually control the settings for all computers on your network through one computer so you don’t have to update settings all three separately.

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