January 4, 2011

Stay Protected: The 5 Best Antivirus Programs for 2011

Stay Protected: The 5 Best Antivirus Programs for 2011

TechNewsDaily, By Matt Liebowitz

Whether you use your computer mostly for academic research or e-mailing your grandkids, it’s necessary to protect yourself with some form of antivirus software. But with so many options - and an ever-changing horde of computer virus cyberthreats, including malware targeting cloud computing and mobile devices - which is the bestantivirus package to suit your specific needs?

SecurityNewsDaily and TopTenReviews.com surveyed the market to find the best antivirus software. We spoke with cybersecurity experts who weighed in on the pressing need to employ a strong digital defense, no matter which company provides it.

Before any of the top software solutions can be discussed, it’s necessary to heed the warning issued by Kevin Houle, senior director of malware analysis for SecureWorks.

"There is no such thing as a perfect anti-virus product," Houle told SecurityNewsDaily. "None of them can provide complete protection from all malware when they are installed, and none of them cover 100 percent of all emerging malware."

With that in mind, the five best antivirus solutions to which security professionals consistently bestow the highest marks come from BitDefender, Kaspersky Lab, AVG, Sophos and Norton.

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