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January 4, 2011

Spam Campaign May Mark Comeback for Storm, Waledac Operators

Spam Campaign May Mark Comeback for Storm, Waledac Operators

eWeek.com, By Brian Prince

A botnet behind an e-card spam campaign during New Year's is believed by some to be an update to the infamous Storm and Waledac botnets.

The minds behind the Storm and Waledac botnets are at it again, according to some security researchers.

A botnet that may be linked to Storm and Waledac has been tied to a spam campaign blasting out e-cards celebrating the new year.

"I have little doubt that this operation is a direct descendent of Storm and Waledac botnets. … There is a strong resemblance to Waledec code and design, including specific functionality and terminology for certain components of the botnet architecture," said Don Jackson, director of threat intelligence at SecureWorks. "There are several things about the code itself which indicate this is a project currently in development, a botnet beta program."

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