March 19, 2011

So who is kicking butt in security?

So who is kicking butt in security?

So who is kicking butt in security?

ITWorld Canada, Paolo Del Nibletto

You would be surprised to learn that the household names you know and trust in the security space are not exactly growing like gangbusters in Canada and the U.S.

According to research firm the NPD Group, Symantec and McAfee grew collectively at just under eight per cent in North American retail (sales unit volume) last year.

So if Symantec and McAfee units increased by just 250,000 what other security vendors gained in popularity among the masses?

Kaspersky Lab, little-known Webroot andTrend Micro grew substantially at retail in 2010. Kaspersky grew by a whopping 165 per cent, Webroot did well at 85 per cent and Trend Micro had a great year at 71.1 per cent. growth.

Does the performance of Kaspersky, Webroot and Trend Micro mean the top two security vendors are in peril of losing market share? It’s an interesting question, but you have to factor in that these are retail figures and while growth is growth and everyone will take the success you have to understand that the North American consumer is fickle at best.


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