January 12, 2011

Rogue Virus Testers Delude Consumers

Rogue Virus Testers Delude Consumers

PCMag.com, By Neil Rubenking

If you haven't yet encountered a rogue antivirus ("scareware") program, it's probably because your existing antivirussoftware protected you from it. These programs prey on consumers who know they need protection but don't know enough to distinguish the real thing from a scam. If you take the bait you've got fake protection instead of real protection, and the bad guys have your credit card.

We've explained how you can avoid rogue antivirus tools. A post on Virus Bulletin's blog by Kaspersky Lab researcher Costin Raiu suggests that rogue antivirus testers pose a new but similar type of threat. Their web sites promote the idea that nosecurity software can really protect you, says Raiu. Where scareware promotes a false sense of security, these rogue testers promote a false sense of insecurity. Each consumer who declines renewing an antivirus subscription is a win for the rogue testers.

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