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February 6, 2011

Podcast: Adobe - Evaluating the World's Number One Most Exploited Software

Podcast: Adobe - Evaluating the World's Number One Most Exploited Software

RSA Conference

Roel Schouwenberg, Senior Anti-Virus Researcher, Kaspersky Lab

Why attack Windows directly - when attacking Adobe is more effective? Over early 2010, Kaspersky Lab found that almost 50% of detected exploits target Adobe Reader. We will look at the attacks against Adobe software over 2010, as well as improvements Adobe may have made in H2 2010. We end the talk with predictions for 2011 and beyond, based on the above research. Will Adobe remain the main target?


As a Senior Anti-Virus Researcher for Kaspersky Lab Americas, Roel Schouwenberg is part of Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team where he monitors the state of malware in North America, providing advanced analysis of the threats that exist. Within this realm, he focuses on classic virus techniques that are used in today's malware and improving proactive detection capabilities. Additionally, Roel conducts research into file format vulnerabilities such as malicious PDFs. Roel has nearly a decade of malware research and analysis experience in his role as a Senior Anti-Virus Researcher. He is also a founding member of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) and currently serves as part of AMTSO’s Board of Directors.

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