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June 20, 2011

100 People You Don't Know But Should- Gary Mullen

100 People You Don't Know But Should- Gary Mullen

CRN Magazine

There are a lot of shining stars on vendors’ channel management teams. And then there are a lot of people who work just as hard toward the success of partners but aren’t as visible. Maybe they are behind-the-scenes players responsible for building a new cloud program. Or they might be high-level channel executives at lesser-known companies that offer high-margin sales opportunities to prospective partners. Or they aren’t part of channel management at all but are driving strategy or technology vision that impacts solution providers in the field.

This list includes those building and running channel programs, designing special incentives, educating and training solution providers and evangelizing hot technology. They are the unsung heroes who put in the elbow grease to make channel partnerships work.

Gary Mullen, Kaspersky Lab
VP, Corporate Marketing
Highlights: Mullen is making sure that Kaspersky is a big brand security force to be reckoned with in small, midmarket and enterprise organizations. It’s the little company that could.

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