April 13, 2011

Kaspersky’s Market Share Rises as Symantec & McAfee’s Falls

Kaspersky’s Market Share Rises as Symantec & McAfee’s Falls

Forbes, By Kenneth Rapoza

When it comes to market share for the world’s consumer IT security market, Moscow based KasperskyLabs is growing, while Symantec and McAfee’s market share is shrinking....

Kaspersky has had considerable success in the retail internet security market in the US. That success has ultimately translated into growth into enterprise business software, especially in the small-to-media businesses, or SMB.

“They are in a market that Symantec and McAfee haven’t really paid much attention to because they are focused on much large end-users, but in the long run I see them taking even more market share away from the top two companies.  They totally left an opening for Kaspersky and some freeware competitors in the SMB space,” says Firstbrook.

Kaspersky was ranked No. 3 in the consumer internet security space by Gartner in its March 30 Global Software Security report, which looked at year-ending 2010 revenue results and market share for the big name brand companies operating in the $16.6 billion software security market worldwide.

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