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February 14, 2011

Kaspersky PURE Total Security PC Protection

Kaspersky PURE Total Security PC Protection

That Tech Chick, By Jessica Benton

Everyone needs to have anti virus security installed on their computer. I recently installed Kaspersky PURE Total Security PC Protection on my computer to review.

I hate installing software on my computer that I am not physically using right that second. However, being a Tech Chick I know it is needed. I had McAfee installed and first had to uninstall the program fully to install Kasperskey PURE. This took a few minutes and I even had to visit the Kasperskey website to download the uninstall tool. Finally I installed the program and ran the anti virus scan on my computer. It did find 3 trojans that I did not know I had. So now those are fixed, removed, or quarentined.

The features I especially like about Kasperskey is the fact that I can use it on 3 computers and the parental controls that are controlled by one computer. Now when my son gets grounded from playing World of Warcraft, I can disable the program or even his internet right from my laptop, where I spend most of my day.

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