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September 28, 2011

Authenticity of Web Pages Comes Under Attack

Authenticity of Web Pages Comes Under Attack

USA Today, By Byron Acohido

The keepers of the Internet have become acutely concerned about the Web's core trustworthiness.

Hackers cracked three companies that work with the most popular Web browsers to ensure the authenticity of Web pages where consumers type in sensitive information, such as account log-ons, credit card numbers and personal data.

The hacked firms are among more than 650 digital certificate authorities, or CAs, worldwide that ensure that Web pages are the real deal when served up by Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome.

But a hacker gained access to digital certificate supplier DigiNotar this summer and began issuing forged digital certificates for hundreds of Web pages published by dozens of marquee companies.

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