November 3, 2011

As Cybercrime Increases, Being Anonymous Getting Harder

As Cybercrime Increases, Being Anonymous Getting Harder

Forbes, by Kenneth Rapoza

Anonymous isn’t so anonymous anymore.

Companies like Sony will continue to witness more breaches of their virtual networks until top level executives start taking malware, and the cyber gangs that run many of them, as seriously as they take their client base. Not only do Sony PlayStation gamers want their IDs and internet protocol addresses kept secret, companies like Sony want their computer systems, housing thousands of sacred corporate data, protected just the same. In the tug of war between software security and cyber criminals, the red ribbon on the rope is still squarely in the middle, which means this is one battle the security guys have not fully won. In fact, it is doubtful that they ever will. For every malware companies like Kaspersky Lab have destroyed, two more have popped up in its place.

Tim Armstrong, a virus researcher at the Massachusetts based headquarters of Russian IT security firm Kaspersky Lab said on the company’s website Wednesday that corporations were not doing enough to protect their data, and the personal information of their clients.

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