November 17, 2010

Peace of mind on tech front

Peace of mind on tech front

Edmonton Journal, By Steve Makris

Computer threats don't slow down during the holiday season, so while we think of peace on earth, how about some amity for today's beleaguered PC?

The gift of a reputable antivirus program will go a long ways, literally every second you are on the Internet.

Here is a selection of the best bilingual 2010 antivirus programs for Windows PCs with good family protection features. They also feature real-time protection, taking action against Internet threats. Because of their popularity they have the most updated information to act on. They are faster and smarter than last year's versions, so this is a good time start anew.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, $79.99, let's you check new files on a desktop drag-and-drop gadget icon. Instead of your keyboard, the exclusive virtual onscreen keyboard, let's you safely enter sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers. Kaspersky varies its scanning speed depending on what else you are doing with your PC and uses a "Safe Desktop" for opening suspicious files without harming your PC. Customizable buttons quickly get you to security features use the most. For computers, crippled by severe virus attacks, Kaspersky prompts you for a downloadable tool that scans and repairs the PC.

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