December 9, 2010

Holiday Scams: 15 Malware Attacks To Watch

Holiday Scams: 15 Malware Attacks To Watch

CRN, By Stefanie Hoffman

It's Christmas Time For Hackers

With the endless list of things to do during the holidays, double checking a URL or calling the Better Business Bureau probably isn't high on your list. And hackers count on that.

Hackers typically take advantage of users' lack of time and money during the holiday season to unleash a slew of malware and phishing attacks. And true to form, this holiday season is no exception. While many offers appear to be legitimate, in reality, they're only designed to download malware onto victims' computers or steal personal information. And no one wants malware for Christmas.

So we've compiled a few of the most recent holiday scams, spams and phishing attacks you might see this December.

Enjoy and have a very, wary holiday.

Read More to see Kaspersky Lab mentioned in a few of the slides.

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