August 10, 2010

Five questions to ask when choosing a vendor to work with

Five questions to ask when choosing a vendor to work with

ITBusiness Canada, By Maxine Cheung

With so many technology vendors in today's market place and everyone competing for your business, you, the channel partner, need to decide which vendor or vendors you want to build a relationship and go to market with.

According to a Forrester Research report published in April of this year, titled The Five Things Channel Partners Want from Tech Vendors by Tim Harmon, Peter O'Neill and Zachary Reiss-Davis, channel partners typically base their potential vendor assessments on five criteria.

The report states that “new vendor-channel partner relationships are going to be forged on how well vendors can deliver on channel partners' expectations.”

When partners are figuring out which vendor or vendors they'd like to work with, Forrester said they often want to have these five questions answered: “How big is the market opportunity for this vendor's product's, what are my paths to profit with this vendor, how will this vendor help/support me, how is this vendor's channel program superior (and) how will this vendor showcase my value to customers?”

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