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December 17, 2010

Email Security Appliances

Email Security Appliances

Processor Magazine

Data loss prevention features join inbound and outbound protection in the Axway MailGate enterprise email security solution. MailGate is available as a hardened Linux appliance and can also be deployed in a VMware environment. It supports IPv6 out of the box, and it makes regulatory compliance easier, Axway says.

  • Antivirus: McAfee or Kaspersky engine-based virus protection with integrated policy controls
  • Virus outbreak protection: Zero-hour protection against new virus outbreaks with quarantining and notification options
  • Automatic updates with zero downtime
  • Integrated reporting and alert framework
  • Allows for policy-based disposition

Best For: Enterprises looking for a comprehensive data loss prevention strategy combined with email security.
Price: $5,300

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