September 28, 2009

Tech Q and A: Are Macs Vulnerable to Virus Attacks?

Tech Q and A: Are Macs Vulnerable to Virus Attacks?, By Guy R. Briggs

Q: A recent online discussion regarding Apple computers yielded a discussion on Malware. While the general populace has begun using "Virus" as a catch-all for types of malware, viruses are actually a type of malware. Other types include trojans and worms.

The point was made that Apple's OS X has had zero viruses in the wild. (It has had trojans and worms.) Readers were challenged to give an example of a virus, as defined as "self installing, self propagating malware."

I'm not saying Macs are immune to malware, and common sense tells us that trojans, worms, and spyware are just as bad as a virus. So can you find an example of one legitimately defined virus? Not a proof of concept, but an actual loose-in-the-wild virus for OS X?


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