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December 11, 2008

No Perfect Internet Security Software

No Perfect Internet Security Software

Jordan Times, By Jean-Claude Elias 

As one would expect it, it is impossible to say which of Symantec, McAfee or Kaspersky constitutes the perfect protection, or is able to catch all viruses. All these programmes work according to heuristic methods that provide a "solution that is reasonably close to the best possible answer". In plain English, none is guaranteed to provide a 100 per cent protection against existing threats. Kaspersky is the newest of all three products and has quickly gained wide popularity.

Experts insist saying that in some instances there were viruses that Kaspersky was able to catch and that Symantec could not - and vice versa of course - which usually prompts users to ask if it wouldn't be better therefore to have both applications installed at the same time, one complementing the other. But it does not work this way, and installing two different anti-virus programmes often creates conflicts and slows down the computer significantly. It is not recommended practice. Read more.

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