December 7, 2007

Talking Malware with Eugene Kaspersky By Ryan Naraine

Talking Malware with Eugene Kaspersky By Ryan Naraine

December 7, 2007 -- Amidst growing chatter that the anti-virus/anti-spyware market is gasping for air, a veteran virus fighter says desktop security products must add new protection mechanisms to keep pace with aggressive online criminals.

Eugene Kaspersky, founder/CEO of 10-year-old Kaspersky Lab, says next-generation anti-malware products will have to combine whitelist/blacklist approaches with HIPS (host intrusion prevention system), sandboxing and virtualization to provide what he calls "hybrid protection" for desktops.

"The perimeter is slowly disappearing," Kaspersky said during a presentation to a group of international journalists here.  "It's getting more and more difficult for reactive [security] technologies to handle the current threats. The world is getting more and more mobile with notebooks, smart phones and Wi-Fi everywhere.  We have to develop special products to deal with this new world," he added.  Read more...

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