November 29, 2007

Review: Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 By Erik Larkin

Review: Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 By Erik Larkin

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November 29, 2007 -- Kaspersky Lab's Internet Security 7.0 pairs a top-notch interface with solid performance in threat detection. At $80 for use on up to three PCs, it's among the most expensive suites we tested for our "All-in-One Security Suites: Tried and Tested." It was somewhat slow at performing security scans.

Kaspersky produced good results on most of the malware detection and disinfection tests run by, the German security research company we contracted to conduct testing. Kaspersky did a thorough job of looking for threats hidden in file archives and in all types of e-mail traffic, and Kaspersky provides the fastest response to malware outbreaks, delivering new signatures within 2 hours (on average).

Kaspersky's program was the only one to warn about a Warezov e-mail worm contained within a test archive, downloaded through the IMAP e-mail protocol. In my informal tests, it popped up a clear warning (with an attention-grabbing shrieking sound) before the malicious file had a chance to write to the hard drive. And after I told it to ignore that first catch, it warned me again when the file was saved. That's just the right behavior.  Read more...

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