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December 20, 2007

'Pinch' Authors Pinched? By Brian Krebs

'Pinch' Authors Pinched? By Brian Krebs


December 20, 2007 -- A few weeks ago, Security Fix profiled a ubiquitous (but lesser known) class of malicious software called "Pinch," a malware creation kit that is highly sought after on hacker forums because of its adaptability and multitude of features. According to Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab, it appears that authorities there have identified the authors of Pinch and are closing in on the individuals.

From the Kaspersky blog: "Today Nikolay Patrushev, head of [Russia's] Federal Security Services, announced the results of the measures taken to combat cyber crime in 2007.

"Among other information, it was announced that it had been established who was the author of the notorious Pinch Trojan -- two Russian virus writers called Ermishkin and Farkhutdinov. The investigation will soon be completed and taken to court."  Read more...

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