Our unique experience and knowledge

The rapid proliferation of new technologies provides people with new opportunities. However, the resultant, growing dependence on IT makes cyberthreats a global problem. Since the IT industry has become so important to the world, expertise in IT security has become doubly so. We at Kaspersky understand the global cyberthreat landscape and our experts possess immense knowledge and experience in detecting and neutralizing all forms of malicious programs, regardless of their origin or purpose. The wealth of expertise we have gained over years of combating major IT threats is our most valuable asset.

GReAT, our Global Research and Analysis Team is an elite group of 40+ security experts who operate all over the world and provide leading anti-threat intelligence and research. The team is well-known for the discovery and dissection of some of the world’s most sophisticated threats, including cyber-espionage and cybersabotage threats such as Flame and miniFlame, Gauss, RedOctober, NetTraveler, Icefog, Careto/The Mask, Darkhotel, Regin, Cloud Atlas, Epic Turla, Equation, Duqu 2.0, Metel, Adwind, ProjectSauron,  Sofacy (Fancy Bear), CozyDuke (Cozy Bear), Black Energy (Sand Worm), Lazarus, ExPetr, ShadowPad, WhiteBear, and more. To chronicle the groundbreaking malicious cyber campaigns that have been investigated by GReAT, Kaspersky has launched a Targeted Cyberattack Logbook.