Valentine's Coupon

14 Feb 2012

Not only should you be on the lookout for Cupid's arrow this Valentine's Day, but you should also beware of Valentine's Day spam. Kaspersky Lab expert Maria Namestnikova has the latest on a type of Valentine’s Day spam that uses popular coupon services, like Groupon, to distribute itself to users.  There are a number of spam categories associated with coupon services: unsolicited mailings by the service themselves; spam that uses the word “coupons” instead of “discounts” to make goods or services more attractive to users; lastly, spam that involves a company whose offers are already available via coupon services but attempts to reach a wider audience by resorting to spam.  Users of coupon services risk a specific threat as some tend to leave money in their accounts, which is likely to attract phishing attacks. 

Here are Maria’s tips to protect yourself—and your Valentine—against spam:

  1. Don’t open emails from coupon services that you haven’t registered with.
  2. If an email from a coupon service that you are registered with asks you to verify your account via a link or to enter your login information, do not do so.
  3. If you get a message from a major service about coupons that you didn’t order, don’t open the message or download any attachments.

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