Malicious QR Codes: How They Work Demo

31 Jan 2012

With the popularity of QR codes increasing, cybercriminals have begun to create malicious versions to wreck havoc on your smartphone and your wallet. To date, there has been one incident of tampering identified by Kaspersky Lab’s research team. As QR codes continue to grow in popularity, we expect this threat to evolve.

Confused on how this would all work? Let Kaspersky Lab help you to understand. We've created a demo, so you can experience it first-hand. It's still a “buyer-beware” scenario (any security apps for malicious QR codes are in beta even if they’re available in the Android Market), so now’s the time to get educated.

Scan the QR code below, and you'll see how you can be redirected to a different domain and end up in a completely different page than you thought upon scanning.

Added benefit: the page where you end up is a unique infographic that shows even further the attack methods and techniques of QR codes as well as interesting statistics on QR code adoption and use.