Safety Tips for Online Shopping

08 Dec 2011

With the busy holiday season upon us, we may be tempted to want to get our shopping and errands done as quickly and easily as possible.  However, it's important to take the time to make sure we are keeping our personal and banking information safe and secure from cybercriminals.  Kaspersky Lab expert Andrey Kostin has some helpful tips for ensuring safe and convenient online shopping and banking:

  • Designate an online shopping credit card with only a limited amount of money on it
  • Visit websites by going directly to the site, rather than clicking on outside links sent in emails or social networks
  • Read reviews about the store you plan to use; search “(name of store) fraud”
  • Remember that banks will never ask for your personal information through an email
  • Pay attention to the site's URL--if it looks suspicious, don't use it
  • Look for a URL that begins with https, which means the site is secure
  • Avoid online shopping and banking in public places, like Starbucks
  • Make sure your antivirus software is updated

 For more information on staying secure while online shopping, visit Safety Tips for Online Shopping

Happy shopping!