Number of the Week: 30% of Companies Feel They Are Being Specifically Targeted by Cyber-attacks

07 Jul 2011

The most common threat for businesses? Malware infection–experienced by 61% of the businesses surveyed during a period of recent 12 months*. The top-five types of cyber-attacks aimed at corporations also include spam, phishing, network intrusion, and Denial of Service. 9% of companies admit to at least one IT security issue involving a targeted attack. But perhaps the most alarming result of the survey is the fact that almost a third of businesses feel that they are being targeted by cyber-criminals.

“9% of companies falling victim to targeted attacks may seem to be a low proportion, but actually–relatively–it’s alarmingly high,” said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab. “It takes time to organize targeted attacks: cyber-criminals have to tailor them specifically for particular targets. The only reason the percentage is not higher is that most of these attacks are designed to stay discrete - so companies never even notice them.”

The full results of Kaspersky Lab’s research and recommendations can be found here:

Note:These Findings emerged from the Global IT Security Risks survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab in partnership with global research agency B2B International. More than 1,300 IT professionals in 11 countries participated in the survey.