Kaspersky Lab Launches new 2012 Lineup of PC Security Software for Consumers

15 Aug 2011

Today Kaspersky Lab introduced its new 2012 lineup of PC security software for consumers in North America.  Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 offer a new hybrid approach by combining its sophisticated security software that runs on users’ PCs with cloud-based intelligence and cyber security information.KIS12

 Kaspersky Lab’s cloud-based technology is a global database that is continuously updated by our anti-malware researchers with the answers to the latest security threats around the world. With malware continuing to grow and become more prevalent, Kaspersky Lab protects users from today’s threats in real-time by instantly delivering security updates to our worldwide network of users, ensuring they are protected as threats attempt to spread.


Why are these new technologies needed? Because the rate of malware and its sophistication continue to increase. Here’s proof:

 Kaspersky Lab’s IT Threat Evolution for Q2 2011 shows that 40.2% of US computers were targets for various malicious infections while surfing the web in Q2 2011.

The primary culprit was an increased number of Fake anti-virus detections (or pop-ups) that were sent to trick users into clicking on them. 


Globally, Kaspersky Lab blocked more than 208 million attacks, and detected 112,000 unique malicious programs during this time.

Key Product Highlights and Features

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 offer 28 newly-refined technologies.  Examples of protection technologies that have benefited the most from our Hybrid Protection strategy include:

  • Kaspersky Anti-Phishing and Anti-Spam  by using real-time data from the cloud, Kaspersky Anti-Phishing scanners will keep the latest con-artist emails from reaching your inbox, while Kaspersky Anti-Spam works even more efficiently than ever to counter spam.
  • File Advisor – An additional layer of protection that determines the trustworthiness of any file on your computer by checking its worldwide reputation with a single click.  If our experts or other Kaspersky Lab customers have discovered the file is malicious, you won’t be tricked into opening it.
  • URL Advisor – Our global database of website safety statistics is immediately at your disposal, and Kaspersky Lab customers will instantly know if a link leads to a trusted, malicious, or questionable website before they click.  For example, when users perform a web search in their favorite browser, the resulting links are clearly flagged with a red, gray or green icon, so users can easily avoid dangerous websites.   
  • System Watcher with advanced Roll Back functionality – By automatically monitoring the modifications made to your PC, Kaspersky Lab’s 2012 products can now easily undo or rollback damage caused by malware.  Most actions from a malicious program – even previously unknown malware – can be canceled and reversed, including the restoration of infected files back to their previous condition, eliminating newly-created malicious data, or erasing any changes malicious attacks have made to sensitive registry files.

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