Barack Obama Is The First Cyber War President, But A President Can't Win A Cyber War

13 Feb 2013

Fast Company, By: Neal Ungerleider

President Barack Obama ran on “change we can believe in”--and he and the media will take the opportunity in this week's State of the Union address to assess his response to the global economic crisis and rebuilding America's health insurance system. But there's a quiet change happening in his role as Commander-in-Chief, too--one you won't likely hear much about in Tuesday evening's address. Slowly, with very few observers noting it, Obama has become our first cyber-war president.

As popularly described in media and politics, “cyber war” includes discreet information gathering, prolonged economic sabotage, and pinpoint attacks against the infrastructure of rival states--through the Internet and allied technologies such as USB stick-sharing. It would be more accurate to call it the widespread-eavesdropping-surveillance-and-infrastructure-disruption-conducted-through-radically-time-and-money-saving-tools war. So ... "cyber war" it is.