Are Facebook, Twitter, Apple, New York Times, NBC hacks a sign of things to come?

22 Feb 2013

CBS News, By: Chenda Ngak

Like a chain of dominoes, it seems like high-profile companies are continuing to report incidents of security breaches. What these hacks have in common are that they are being publicly reported by the companies, but experts say these attacks are nothing new.

Most recently, Zendesk reported that it was hacked and that its clients Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest may have been affected. was hacked for about 15-minutes Thursday and users were warned that malicious software would infect their computers.

Ryan Sherstobitoff, senior security researcher at McAfee Labs, told over the phone that these incidents are a sign of things to come.

"From a trends perspective, there is an increase of attacks," Sherstobitoff said, adding that that targeted hacks are not new, but the intended targets of security breaches have shifted.