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Building on from Kaspersky Security Foundations, Kaspersky Optimum Security helps organizations to protect their business from new, unknown and evasive threats – in a resource-conscious way.

If you’d rather use this product with a cloud management console1, please create an account on this page.

To install the product on-premise, please download and install Kaspersky Security Center below. During the endpoint roll-out process, you can download all the necessary distributives directly from the management console. The roll-out process is described fully in the Quick Start Guide.

If you prefer, you can install it directly onto workstations, servers and mobile devices running on any of the platforms listed below. Simply download as many of the applications as you require using the installation wizard. Installation is straightforward and you can always refer to our Online Help.

1There are some restrictions to the range of features and functionality that can be managed from the cloud console. For full information, refer to the online help.