A strong alternative to an in-house security professional

There are simply not enough skilled professionals to meet everyone’s security needs

Today, in the age of digital transformation, cybersecurity is more important than ever. That is why even smaller and medium-sized companies that have always relied on either the skills of internal or external IT are now beginning to think about employing a dedicated security specialist. However the current IT talent pool cannot meet their security needs.

Furthermore, the amount of new information security talent entering the cybersecurity workforce has continued to fall short of market demand. However, according to the latest security workforce study by (ISC)², the projected shortfall in cybersecurity professionals is higher than a previous forecast by the organization. Until the number of available cybersecurity professionals increases dramatically, companies will need to find an alternative solution to provide this crucial information security support.

To stay protected in the constantly evolving threat landscape companies will either need to spend more to lure skilled professionals, or settle for poorly qualified personnel. Neither option is ideal. However, there is an alternative: Outsourcing can mean paying less for more qualified talent — it can be the best of both worlds.

Companies today already outsource their IT needs. However, there’s still some reluctance to do the same when it comes specifically to information security. That’s because allowing a third-party access to an organization’s secure systems carries a lot of potential risk. Every company holds valuable information about its customers, projects, and staff, and it has a responsibility to protect that information from prying eyes.

Not only that, but the amount of intellectual property each business holds makes it a prime target for competitors, so an organization needs to fully trust the person(s) getting access to its information, secure in the knowledge that nothing will be leaked or breached. Essentially, there’s a demand for trusted third-party help. It’s the lack of trust stopping companies from relying on these solutions.

To scale the information security mountain, a business needs a trustworthy and capable climbing partner,  a third-party that won’t let them down and that will help them over treacherous terrain to reach the summit. Leaving the mountain metaphor, businesses need to find outsourcing companies that will adequately protect them from the myriad of threats they face every day, and protect their sensitive assets.

By growing trust in a third-party organization, and in its effectiveness when it comes to safeguarding a company’s information security and fighting cybercrime, decision-makers can make better choices for their business’s safety.

In turn, information security outsourcing companies need to earn that trust. As far as Kaspersky Lab is concerned, we work with high-quality partners among outsourcing companies and MSPs/MSSPs around the globe. We provide promotional materials and comprehensive support for all of our partners and offer attractive commission rates. But most important, we help them build their businesses in tandem with ours. We trust them to deliver our advice to end customers, and they trust us to make that advice count in the field. After all, we all want to help our customers climb the information security mountain. We are all on that journey together, now more than ever.