Quiz: Are you a likeaholic?

What would you do to get more likes on a social network? Take our quiz and see if you’re hooked on likes.

Social networks are awesome. They feed you news that matter, bring your friends closer, and give you a chance to connect with people all over the world. Your friends are far away? Here’s Facebook to help you talk to them. Ever wondered how your first school love is doing? Just open their Facebook or Instagram page and see! OK, I’m being Captain Obvious here, everyone knows that.

But not everyone thinks about the negative aspects of using social networks. First, they devour your time. Have you ever calculated how much time you spend on Facebook? For me it’s about 50 minutes a day. I could’ve learned another language if I weren’t trying to socialize.

Second, we often care too much about how other people react to what we post on social networks. Ever had the feeling of dissatisfaction when your picture on Instagram doesn’t get enough likes? Ever thought a little too hard about cool things to post so that all your friends would like it? Ever envied a friend for getting more likes than you? You are not alone.

We made this quiz for you so you can see if you are a likeaholic. Or not. Or if you are one step away from becoming one. We hope you’ll like it.