Quiz: Are your devices hurting your relationship?

Find out if your smartphones, tablets, and laptops are coming between you and your loved ones.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Partners make their own choices about the millions of tiny influences over the relationship as a whole. Have you ever thought about what those aspects actually are, and how the current era of numerous gadgets and continuous connectivity fits into that whole? What impact do all of those devices actually have on your relationship?

We at Kaspersky Lab led some research to try to find that out, and you know what? There are some really interesting points you may never have thought about before. Want to know exactly how your gadgets and online life affect your relationship and how you compare with the rest of the world? Take our quiz and find out! Each question describes a potential situation that a couple can face, and you just need to answer whether it is true about your relationship or not. Let’s go!