Kaspersky Lab is ready to protect your Facebook account!

Facebook attracts a lot of cyber criminals. Kaspersky Lab partnered with Facebook to protect you from cyber criminals.

Hacking Facebook

Why would cybercriminals want to own your Facebook account? At the very least, they can “Like” weird things and promote questionable goods and services on your behalf. However, the team at Facebook is well aware of this criminal scheme and has collaborated with us to protect innocent users from account infection.

Of course, Facebook itself is never the source of malicious software. But you can get infected in many ways. For instance, Facebook is a major aim for phishers: 1 in 5 phishing scams targets Facebook notifications. So be vigilant when you receive emails appearing to be from Facebook: as they can be fake. There are lots of Trojans targeting Facebook users as well.

But forewarned is forearmed. If you see some ‘likes’ you never clicked or statuses you never posted, or just suspect that your PC or smartphone might be infected with malware, you can scan your device with a good security solution without waiting for your Facebook account suspension. There is a wide range of free products by Kaspersky Lab on free.kaspersky.com.

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