Install Kaspersky Mobile Security

In order to install Kaspersky Mobile Security, perform the following actions:

1. Download distributive of Kaspersky Mobile Security

  • Scan the QR-code given below or enter in the mobile browser, to load the latest version of Kaspersky Mobile Security on the device.

QR code.

alert-logo In order to be able to read a QR-code with a smartphone camera, you need to have installed a scanner program for QR-codes onto your smartphone.

2. Launch installation of Kaspersky Mobile Security

  1. On your smartphone open the file with the .apk extension.
  2. In the Do you want to install this application? dialog window see to what information you will allow Kaspersky Mobile Security and tap Install.
  3. In the Application installed window tap Open.
  4. In the welcome window tap Next.
  5. Read the License agreement. If you accept conditions of the license agreement, tap Accept. If you do not accept the conditions, tap Decline.


3. Activate Kaspersky Mobile Security

Before you activate Kaspersky Mobile Security make sure the date and time are set correctly and the Internet connection is established.

In order to activate Kaspersky Mobile Security during installation:

In the Kaspersky Mobile Security is ready for use window tap I have the activation code.

Enter your activation code. If a new activation code received after renewal, check the I have the old activation code box. Enter your current activation code in the open fields. Tap the Activate button.

The program will send a request to the Kaspersky Lab activation server and will download a license.

In the About license window tap Close.

Your Kaspersky Mobile Security is now activated.

4. Activate device administrator

Administrator rights allow the program to protect itself against unauthorized deletion and block the device in case of loss.

  1. Tap Next.
  2. In the Activate device administrator window tap Activate.

4. Set a secret code for Kaspersky Mobile Security

A secret code is needed to prevent unauthorized access to the Kaspersky Mobile Security settings.

  1. In the Create a secret code window enter a secret code to protect changes to the mobile security and Android device, then re-enter the code and tap Next.
  2. If the entered code is not secure/ strong, the program will inform you of this.

If you forget a secret code, you will not be able to manage Kaspersky Mobile Security and delete the program.

6. Set up your Kaspersky Account for Anti-Theft and recovery

You will be prompted to enter your email address to pair the device with your existing My Kaspersky Account, or to create a new one.

  1. Enter your email address in the email address field and tap Next.
  2. If the entered email address has not been registered with My Kaspersky Account before, you will be asked to create a My Kaspersky Account password. Please create this password and re-enter the password. After this give a name to identify your mobile device and enter the characters in the captcha code then tap Create.
  3. If the entered email address is already registered to a My Kaspersky Account, enter the login password and give a name to identify your mobile device then tap Enter.

Kaspersky Mobile Security is now operable.