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September, 2010
Malware protection has long been considered a commodity, with price being the ultimate deciding factor. In fact, many IT managers believe that all AV solutions are the same, regardless of price. While this mindset is understandable, it couldn’t be further from the truth. When considering the right security solution for their business every organization must consider not only price, but the high costs associated with ineffective protection.
July, 2010
If you've had any recent issues with Internet security and malware, you may already be wondering if your AV software is really getting the job done. This list can help. It spotlights specific objective metrics and activities you can check to see how well your current AV software is performing. Besides helping you benchmark your current software, it also establishes a starting point for evaluating new AV options when you decide you need to make a change.
April, 2010

Find out how a highly successful and technologically savvy retailed turned to Kaspersky to secure their 350 locations.  The company relies heavily on computing for operations, warehouse distribution, loss prevention, quality assurance, training and other essential business functions. For this retailer, protection at every level of the network is critical, from the endpoint to the cloud.